Why Artificial Grass Is the Best Choice for Your Lawn

Thinking of getting artificial grass installation for your home? Not sure if it’s the right move? Your in luck, because in this post we are going to review the benefits of having an artificial grass versus having a natural lawn.

Why Artificial Grass Is Better Than Natural Grass

There are so many benefits of an artificial grass lawn. Here are some that you’ll enjoy the most:

  • Artificial grass is not a living plant, hence the term artificial. It needs much less maintenance then regular grass.
  • Artificial grass doesn’t need to be mowed.
  • It doesn’t need to be weeded.
  • It doesn’t need to be watered.
  • It doesn’t need to be fertilized.
  • It doesn’t need sunshine.

Everything that real grass needs to survive and look good is not needed for artificial grass. It will look good every single day of the year without any help from you. So, basically you can be the laziest person the block, and your lawn will always look the best. Sounds too good to good to be true, but it is.

Also, it’s impervious to urine burns, because it’s synthetic. You can have 10 dogs in your yard, and your lawn will still look green and lush.

So, as you can see, you won’t have to any of the traditional yard work associated with a natural grass, rely on rainfall or sunshine, and have a dog in your yard and your yard will still look look great. There can be a drought, your dogs can pee on your lawn non-stop, and you don’t do a thing for your lawn, and your synthetic lawn will still be the best looking grass on the block.

Disadvantages of Natural Grass

Here are the main disadvantages of natural grass:

  • Ticks and fleas can live in it.
  • Dog urine will eventually ruin it.
  • It needs a constant supply of water.
  • It must be fertilized.
  • It needs to be mowed once a week or more.
  • It can’t survive a drought.
  • Too little sun and it won’t grow well.
  • Too much sun and it burns.
  • It needs to be weeded or needs chemical weed killers.

Think about all the money and time you need to spend to keep that kind of grass looking good. Also, the fertilizers, weed killers, and insecticides aren’t good for your health or the health of your pets.

Some may say natural grass has the advantage on price, but when you think of the money you pay to replace dead grass, the effect on your water bill, the cost of fertilizer and weed killer, and the bill from the landscaper, the price really starts to add up quickly.

If you are a traditionalist and don’t mind weekly yardwork and monthly landscape bills, then natural grass is for you.┬áIf you don’t like yard work, enjoy saving money, and like a great looking lawn, than artificial grass is for you.