The Trouble with DUI

alcoholThere are lots of things that have the potential to frighten a man during the span of his life, mice, spiders, trimming the lawn, missing out on a tailgate party … however all these pale in comparison to being caught driving under the influence!

Unlike mowing the lawn, which while scary at times can easily be off-loaded to the neighbor kid for a few bucks, being detained for a DUI includes a hefty price both monetarily and personally, neither of which can be passed off to someone else.

Depending on which state you were captured in driving under the influence, the minimum penalty you’re most likely to face is a suspended license, for anywhere from six to twelve months for the very first offense.

From there, things can get much worse! How about having a criminal record that cannot be expunged, and which will end up being front and center for all potential employers!

I digress.

You only have to read horror stories posted out on the internet about drunk driving stories, to recognize that this is not an offense you want to get caught at.

Driving under the influence hurts both the drunk driver and their victims. In Illinois the tragic impact of driving under the influence is closely monitored and reported on here:

No self-respecting cop who pulls you over for driving under the influence, witnesses of several hiccups and slurred speech, is going to let you go with just a warning!

Need to know how cops are trained to identify whether the motorist behind the wheel they’re following is drunk? Well, my good friends at Gruszeczki & Smith | illinois dui lawyer | chicago drunk driving | who have worked both the prosecutor and defense angle of DUI cases have told me that among other indicators drunk drivers tend to drive well below the speed limit thinking that this extra caution is helping them not to appear drunk.

Go figure! In short, drunk drivers would need to drive faster to stay clear of suspicion!

Who woulda thunk?

Unlike NBC’s to Catch a Predator, which has nationwide television notoriety, being arrested for drunk driving has none of these perks. Instead, plan for a night out that ends with a complimentary stay in a cold cell at some random precinct.

The law is certainly not lenient on drunk driving offenses, and DUI law attorneys, such as criminal lawyer experts and former prosecuters Gruszeczki & Smith Law, LLP| Dui attorneys, will quickly become your best friends as they put their expertise to work for you.

Certainly if none of this makes sense to you, and for those searching the web right now for a solution to a DUI offense, have heart, the best attorneys have all the resources you need to wiggle your escape right out of jail, without collecting $200 as you would in the game of monopoly!