The Best Places to Keep Your Glasses in Your Home

prescription glassesAre you forever losing your eyeglasses in your own home? Wish you always knew where they were? Use these tips to easily keep track of your glasses. You won’t ever have to say a prayer to find them again.

A Place for Everything, Even Your Glasses

The best way to avoid having your glasses turn up in the most unusual places is to have a consistent spot where you put your glasses in every room of your home. That way there are only a certain number of places they may be. Here’s an idea for every room:

  • If you’re in the kitchen and you need to take off your glasses put them on top of your coffee pot. That way they wont’t get under anything or crushed by anything. This will keep your glasses elevated and in plain view. They’ll be easy to find if you forget where they are because you use your coffee pot every day and are bound to find a pair of glasses the next time you go make another pot of coffee. Let this always be the place you take off your glasses in your kitchen and you’ll always remember that that’s your spot for your glasses in the kitchen.
  • The best place to put your glasses in the bathroom is wherever you keep your toothbrush. Since you brush your teeth every day, this spot in your bathroom while be used often and will be easy to spot. Your toothbrush area is often not cluttered and therefore if you place your glasses there, they won’t get lost in the shuffle.
  • Now, the bedroom. If you have an actual alarm clock, put your glasses on top it, because you look at that every day. If you use phone for an alarm clock, there’s still other options. You can always place your glasses in your underwear draw before you go to bed. This draw gets opened every day and will save your glasses from being lost underfoot.
  • When you’re in the living room, a good place for your glasses is your favorite photo. You most likely love whoever is in that photo and look at it every day, so sling your glasses over that photo.

As you can see, there’s a running theme here. The places that we suggest you stow your glasses are used or seen every day and only one per room. This narrows it down to only a few places in your home, so you’ll never have to look far. If you don’t like these spots, choose your own, but make sure they’ll be easy to spot. That way, when you can’t find your glasses you always know there’s only a handful of places they can be.