How to Tell if You Need Window Repair

Are you thinking of getting local window repair services for your home? Not sure if you really need it? Check out these signs and you’ll know if you need to replace your windows or if your windows are totally fine.

Signs of a Broken Window

Here are the tell tale signs of a broken window. If you notice any of these signs, then get your windows repaired immediately. Broken windows aren’t safe.

  1. Windows won’t open or shut. – If your windows won’t open or shut, then they need to be replaced, because something is structurally wrong. The window itself may have absorbed a lot of moisture and now is stuck in a closed position.
  2. Windows won’t lock. – If the windows don’t lock, there may be a lot of debris on it. The hinges may also be loose.
  3. Window pane is cracked. – If the window pane is cracked, there’s not much to do but replace it. All it will take is for you to slam down your window and the rest of the glass may shatter.
  4. Window needs to be propped open. – This is very dangerous and a sign of a deteriorated window. Get this window replaced as soon as possible, because it’s much like a little guillotine.
  5. Window feel cool to the touch. – This is a sign that your window isn’t insulated.
  6. Window allows air in when shut. -This is another sign that your window isn’t insulated.

Why Get New Windows

  • Your energy bill will be lower.
  • Your home will be safer.
  • Your property value will improve.
  • Your home will be insulated.
  • Your home will be sealed from outside noise.