How to Tell If You Need Roof Repair

roof repair serviceIf you are reading this blog post either you have a feeling you that you need to get your roof repaired or you want to know the signs of a roof that need to be repaired. Just take a look at the following information and compare it to your current roof condition and you’ll soon know if you need to call a roof repair contractor. Remember, get your roof repaired sooner than later if you notice any damage to it whatsoever. Roof damage only gets worse if you neglect it. Repairing while it’s manageable can be the difference between minor roof damage and the need for a roof replacement.

Signs That You Need Roof Repair

This list is not all inclusive, but rather some of the common signs of roof damage.

  1. Missing shingles or tiles
  2. Rusting roof material
  3. Curling shingling
  4. Dark spots on your roof
  5. Clogged gutters
  6. Peeling exterior paint
  7. Water stained walls/ceiling

Anything on this list seem familiar? You can bet your roof needs attention if some or all of it does. Roofing material starts to curl as it ages and clogged gutters could be a sign that your roof is slowly deteriorating. If you notice peeling paint, or stained walls, you may be dealing with a water damaged roof  Remember, if you live in a coastal area, you don’t want to weather a hurricane with a damaged roof. No matter where you live, your roof needs to be in good condition if you want your home to be secure.

Why Call a Roof Repairman

If you are not a roofing contractor you probably shouldn’t attempt to repair your roof. If you don’t know what you are doing you can really hurt yourself and possibly void the warranty on your roof. Here’s some of the benefits of using a professional roofing service:

  • Their work is dependable.
  • They have the experience it takes to properly repair your roof.
  • They will get the job done safely.
  • They won’t void your warranty.
  • You won’t have to be on top of your roof.

It’s simply not safe for someone with no roofing experience to be on top of their roof.

Benefits of a New Roof

Here are some of the reasons you’ll be glad yo got your roof repaired:

  1. Your home will be more comfortable.
  2. Your roof will be storm ready.
  3. Your home will be more energy efficient.
  4. Your electric bill will be more affordable.
  5. You may end up saving money of your home insurance premium.

Don’t put off your next roof repair. Take care of it now while it’s a small issue.