How to Keep Your Plumbing Unclogged

plumbing tipsAre you the type that always has to call your local plumber, because you clogged your toilet, sink, or drain? The fact is, you can change a few things in your daily routine, and you won’t have to deal with nearly as many overflowing toilets and backed up kitchen sinks. Yes, even if your plumbing is really old and you’re living in a historic home, these plumbing tips will help you out tremendously.

Let Your Toilet be a Toilet

Wonder why your toilet is constantly clogging up? Ask yourself if you are using your toilet as a toilet. You may think you are, but if you have to constantly use your plunger than you are most likely using your toilet as a garbage can. The only time you should be flushing your toilet is when you are going to the bathroom. Here’s what you should never flush down your toilet:

  • Toenails
  • Hair
  • Paper towels
  • Kitty litter
  • Cotton balls
  • Sanitary napkins
  • Pads
  • Floss
  • Condoms
  • Clay
  • Paper
  • Cigarettes

What you see on the list will either clog your toilet, ruin your pipes, or cause great harm to your septic tank. Think that kitty litter is innocent? It will clog your toilet faster than anything on the list. Want to flush leftover clay down the toilet? Say goodbye to the pipe it ends up in. Your toilet needs to be a toilet paper only zone. Do yourself a favor and put a cute little garbage can in your bathroom and start using it. That will save you a lot of problems and you won’t have to use your plunger nearly as often.

Liquids Only Sink

Are you clogging your sink more often than yo would like to admit? The problem is even if you have a garbage disposal, you still need to be careful what you let down the sink. After all, no garbage disposal is perfect. If you really want to make sure your sink is never clogged again have a liquids only policy for your sink. This means water and leftover drinks are okay. Here’s what not:

  1. Cooking oils
  2. Shortening
  3. Lard
  4. Any type of food

Any type of oil or fat will eventually harden and cause a terrible clog in your pipe. Food will do the same thing, because your garbage disposal won’t get it all.

Clean Hair of Your Drain

Every time you’re done with a relaxing shower or luxurious bath, you need to clean your drain of any hair. That’s because hair will clog your drain. It’s just a matter of time. If you quickly wipe your drain every time you shower or bathe you’ll get a lot of it. You can also clean out your drains once a month to really make sure no hair makes it way into your pipes. Just use a wire hanger and start removing the hair that comes up. Gross? Maybe, but a stopped up bathtub isn’t a pretty sight either.