Carpet Cleaning Tips for New Homeowners

carpet cleanerDid you just move into a new home and need some tips on carpet cleaning? Don’t worry, you can use this post to keep your carpets looking beautiful every day of the year. Read on to learn exactly what you need to do to have soft and fresh carpeting in your home.

Consistent Effort Is Key

There is no real magic bullet for clean carpets. You need to work at every day. If you’re consistent with the tips outlined in this blog you’ll have beautiful carpets. Whether you have wall to wall carpets, or oriental rugs, daily attention is needed.

Vacuum Every Single Day

You read that right! If you want clean carpets, you need to vacuum them at least once a day. There’s no two ways about it. High traffic areas need to be vacuumed twice a day. This will stop dirt from accumulating in your carpet. So, don’t let your vacuum accumulate dust in the closet. Give it a whirl every day and you’ll be able to maintain the cleanliness of your carpet. This is also a great habit to get into if you’re a dog owner. That’s because it’ll prevent fleas from getting a hold in your home. If you’re not used to vacuuming, tie it into something you do that you enjoy. If you watch a t.v. show every night, vacuum before it starts or during the commercials. If you go on a walk every night, vacuum before you leave. The point here is to incorporate vacuuming into something that gets done every day no matter what.

Kick Your Shoes Off

Shoes are the true enemy of a clean carpet. What do you think makes high traffic areas so dirty any way? The dirty bottom of shoes! Simply take your shoes off before you come inside, and you’ll significantly reduce the amount of dirt that gets tracked in your home. Trust us, this will all but eliminate high traffic area dirt build up.  You can also place a welcome mat by your front door for the people who forget to take their shoes off.

Steam Clean Twice a Year

Your carpets will look worlds better if you steam clean them twice year. Vacuuming won’t replace this. You really need both for optimal results. Think if it like whitening strips for your carpet. You can brush your teeth every day, but whitening strips make your teeth sparkle. That’s the same with steam cleaning. It really is what you need for you carpets to be soft and sparkly clean.

Never Leave a Stain Alone

The best time to deal with a carpet stain is as soon as it happens. Don’t leave it be. Simply put a clean rag on it and let the rag absorb it. After that, spray it down with soapy water and let it sit for ten minutes. Then blot everything up. The keyword there is blot. Don’t scrub the stain or you will work it into your carpet.  This will help your carpet stay clean, as there won’t be any set stains.